OCO Yapı

Serving 35 different countries of the world, OCO Group A.Ş acts with the experience of being in the sector for many years. working for Turkey, producing for the world in all sectors in which OCO Group operates is to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront. After hearing its name with its solution-oriented services for the African continent, OCO Group aims to further expand the number of countries it serves.

Working within categories such as architecture, foreign trade, OCO Yapı offers a wide range of services under different headings such as construction applications, technical applications, contractors and construction activities. OCO Group, which has sent building materials to various customers in the past period, also supported the construction portion of the project due to its inability to implement the products. OCO Group, which traveled to Guinea with its Turkish master and team, made an important reference in this region by constructing buildings in Guinea. Since then, it has become the preferred company in Africa. The OCO group, which manufactures ceramics and doors for buildings called fine works, is not content with it and aims to increase the quality of its activities in the construction sector. OCO Group, which is ready to build construction from scratch in the future, aims to launch tenders and become the leading company in construction projects.

Why OCO Yapı?

OCO Yapı is aware of the difficulty of succeeding in this industry. In particular, if you offer the construction service in another country, you must be even more qualified. OCO Yapı, which supports construction projects in Africa in general, has a high quality team. In this way, the demands of local populations are better understood and put into practice. In addition, we can say that OCO Yapı is open to new projects in the engineering sector. OCO Group, which is constantly seeking to improve, has a positive sense of the construction industry in this context.

OCO Group takes responsibility for all projects in the construction industry. As site manager or project manager, his team that can support projects is unlimited. He also attached great importance to the issue of communication. Communication in the construction sector comes first. In this context, it is a company whose mission is to communicate permanently with the workers on the site and the commercial partners who carry out the project.

What does OCO Yapı promise?

OCO Yapı continues its work in this sector, which it started by exporting building materials to African countries. It has important references on interior and exterior decoration. In addition, it aims to become one of the largest construction projects in the world by developing in the future. In doing so, she constantly improves and improves her team. In particular, it follows technology closely. It applies the technological elements under development to itself.

OCO Yapı is ready for anything in this sector. It is about producing practical solutions to new situations that arise. He is aware of the importance of solutions to be produced in the event of an emergency in the construction sector. OCO Yapı is a company with leadership skills. They act knowing that they are responsible for the design and implementation of the entire project. If it can manage a team of different professionals, it is also a company capable of responding literally to customer requests. OCO Yapı will make a name for himself with his work in the construction sector in the 2020.

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