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OCO Group A.Ş, which has been in business for over 24 years, strives to ensure that the supply, application and manufacturing processes comply with customer demand in each country that ‘it serves.

OCO Group A.Ş aims to be the most preferred in the markets to which it is affiliated. In addition, it acts as a customer-oriented solution. He has an understanding of efficient, competitive, proactive and at the same time environment-friendly management that follows innovations. Operating in the architectural, foreign trade and construction sectors, OCO Group A.Ş also has a category of services which offers various services under the name OCO Tech. OCO Tech offers various services in many fields, from factory installation to machine manufacturing, including petroleum production and food processing facilities, production facilities and industrial facilities.

Why OCO Tech?

OCO Tech has been building food processing plants around the world for many years. In addition, it is possible to create industrial factories. Production, innovation and creation of machines under contract. Numerous installations, petroleum plant installations, automobile, heavy vehicle and spare parts plant installations are in place. OCO Tech produces disassembled buses and heavy vehicles. Once the vehicles are disassembled, their export is facilitated and assembly is carried out on the premises of the recipient partners.

It should be noted that OCO Tech within Oco Group has different facilities in different countries. Rice processing factories have been established in the past, in Mauritania, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, etc. In addition, plans for a tomato paste production facility are in effect in Mali and other customers. As a result, it should be noted that OCO Tech has invested significantly in these regions by establishing different production facilities in almost all regions of Africa. It is obvious that OCO Tech, which has received positive references from each client to date, has contributed to the development of the world.

It should be noted that OCO Group acts on demand in this regard. After having assessed the requests from the countries concerned, it is integrated into the study accordingly. Thanks to controlled economic models, the demand for manufactured products is increasing day by day. Aware of this fact, OCO Tech creates flexible production facilities. In this way, it is expected that the products do not lose their current. In other words, the production facilities are designed accordingly so that the demand for the products never decreases.

What does OCO Tech promise?

OCO Tech promises serious reliability of raw materials in the establishment of production facilities. The raw material is both high quality and affordable. OCO Tech respects the interests of him and the company with which he does business.

OCO Tech is aware of the difficulty of production. Creating products instead of producing services or experience is satisfying, although difficult. Producing a product that people can use and benefit from, OCO Tech has significant job satisfaction. In addition, it should be noted that OCO Tech has made significant plans on many issues, in particular the costs. It is obvious that OCO Tech, which always prioritizes factors such as marketing, materials and labor, is best suited to the conditions of the competitive market.

As a result, the company OCO Tech, which is the window of Turkey to the world by setting up production facilities in different areas.

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