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Human Resources

We have thought of a career for you.

OCO GROUP aims to include talented people in accordance with the objective and culture of the company in order to achieve its quality objectives.
The human resources department assesses all applications and directs candidates with the appropriate CV for vacant positions to the head of the department concerned for the interview. All applications to OCO GROUP are kept in the human resources archives for 1 year for future needs.

Our human resources principles
We consider our human resources not only as the most important resource of our business but also as our main asset which manages all resources.

As a company, we strive to be an institution that qualified candidates prefer and want to work for.
While choosing a colleague, we will add value to our business, adopt and live our values; To do this, we respect the principles of equal opportunity between people with high development potential and the knowledge and skills required for the job.
We know that our success depends on customer satisfaction and the motivation of our employees, and we conduct studies and activities to maintain these criteria at the highest level.
In order to increase the personal development of our employees, we assess our employees in a system that takes equal opportunity. In this assessment; we do so taking into account criteria such as the improvement of his personal profile, the accomplishment of his task and the discretion of superiors.

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