OCO Medical

Production of funeral vehicles

Production of mortuary units

Hospital and clinic setup

Supply of health equipment

Clinical design

Mobile hospital facility

Autopsy and funeral washing units

OCO Group A.Ş., in operation since 2016; It is one of the undisputed leading companies in its sector, with clients in 35 different countries around the world. OCO Group A.Ş., which has a lifespan of more than 24 years; he also has more than five years of export experience.

OCO Group A.Ş; It enjoys considerable popularity especially on the African continent, which is one of the most important markets in the world. Combining procurement, service and manufacturing processes with customer satisfaction, OCO Group A.Ş. takes into account the user’s wishes when creating systems. Plans and projects; We try to best meet the customer’s requests by doing so within the framework of a common reasoning.

What does OCO Medical promise?
OCO Group A.Ş, providing services to many countries around the world; offers very high quality services in the medical field. You can benefit from the service of OCO Group A.Ş. with peace of mind in areas such as the production of funeral transport and washing vehicles, autopsy and mortuary rooms, hospital furniture, clinic design and supply of equipment.
OCO Medical; helps shape health spaces according to your wishes. In this way, we are contributing to the modern healthcare industry. Since 2020, OCO Group has built 10 clinical dental hospitals in Mali and 8 mortuary hospitals in Burkina Faso. Their supply of consumables; Although it is manufactured by OCO Foreign Trade, its architectural design and renovation is done by OCO Medical.

OCO Medical; In the process from the first stage of the project to the last point, taking into account the basic requirements, the future vision of the project, the economy of investment, aim to create a center of attraction, local and international relations , sustainability and legal obligations try to bring out the best work.

Why OCO Medical?
OCO Medical; qualified hospitals and areas mean much more. OCO Medical; All of its products are manufactured and designed by its own team, and one of the important goals of modern healthcare facilities is to be more technologically advanced.
As a result, OCO Group A.Ş., determined to make its name known to the whole world; It provides the best service in the medical industry.

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