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Continuing its activities since 2016, OCO Group A.Ş is one of the undisputed leaders in the sector, with customers in 35 different countries around the world. OCO Group A.Ş., which has more than 24 years of commercial experience, also has more than five years of export experience.

OCO Group A.Ş enjoys considerable popularity, particularly in Africa, one of the most important markets in the world. Combining the supply, service and manufacturing processes with customer satisfaction, OCO Group A.Ş takes user requests into account when creating systems. Planning and projects are carried out within the framework of a common reflection and the client’s requests are tried to be satisfied in the best way.

What does OCO architecture promise?

Offering services in many countries of the world, OCO Group A.Ş offers high quality services in the field of architecture. You can get services from OCO Group A.Ş. with peace of mind in matters such as design, installation, decoration, architecture, furniture design.

OCO Architecture contributes to shaping living spaces according to your desires. This way you can enjoy a much better quality of life. Architectural design consists of a design process shaped according to the needs of the space. The needs and demands of institutions form the basis of architectural designs.

Consumable materials for Hotel, conference room, gymnasium, hospital, etc. are supplied by OCO Foreign Trade, while decoration, architectural design and renovation are carried out by OCO Architecture. In addition, OCO Architecture has completed many projects to date. For example, during the last months of 2019, the installation of a dental hospital in Mali, the renovation of a hotel in Senegal, the production of synthetic land in Guinea and the installation of apartments, etc. Their architectural designs were produced by OCO Architecture. Consequently, activities such as architectural design, application, decoration, renovation and production of furniture are carried out by OCO Architecture.

In the process from the first stage of the project to the final point, the OCO Architecture team tries to do the best job by evaluating factors such as the future vision of the project, the investment economy, the objective of creating a center of attraction, local and international relations, sustainability and legal obligations.

Why OCO Architecture?

For OCO Architecture, interior design means much more than the creation of a qualified and magnificent space. In architectural design, corporate identity, brand culture and local values ​​are taken into account. It aims to bring out the best in the business in terms of basic needs and requirements. In this process, the OCO Architecture team aims to ensure that the work done by the consultants is flawless.

OCO Architecture; It guarantees the complete execution of the site process through all materials and deliveries, manufacturing and assembly and testing processes. In addition, all precautions regarding workplace safety are taken completely. All projections and project planning are made based on the experience and experience of the OCO Architecture team. In this way, precautions are taken against all possible risks. In addition, it is executed in accordance with the work schedule previously established. One of the OCO Architecture team’s important goals is to complete and deliver the project at specific times.

Determined to make its name known worldwide, OCO Group A.Ş offers the best service in the architecture industry.

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